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Health Utilities Inc (HUInc) specializes in preference-based (utility) measures of health-related quality of life for use in:
    * describing treatment processes and outcomes in clinical studies;
    * economic evaluations of health care programs;
    * the measurement and monitoring of population health.
HUInc provides support services for the Health Utilities Index (HUI
) measurement systems. Surveys can be self- or interviewer-administered using the traditional "paper & pencil" method or our new "Web-Based Administration" system. The web-based system allows for remote or in-office administration with results and scores provided immediately via email.

The HUI measurement system is a generic, preference-scored, comprehensive system for measuring health status, health-related quality of life, and producing utility scores.

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For information on the HUI2 valuation project in the United Kingdom, see UK Valuation at University of Sheffield, Health Economics and Decision Science.

To visit our associated academic web site, click the HUG/HUI logo...Health Utilities Group @ McMaster University

HUInc  Leaders in the Utility Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life
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