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HUInc Health-Related Quality of Life Research
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Health Utilities Inc (HUInc) specializes in preference-based (utility) measures of health-related quality of life.

The traditional data-gathering method has been via "Paper & Pencil" questionnaires administered either directly by trained interviewers or left with the subject for self-completion. Now HUInc has available a system for administering studies and presenting surveys using the power and versatility of the internet.

With access via the world-wide-web through secure "portals", study administrators can now present individual respondents with specified HUI questionnaires. Results, including question responses, derived HUI2 / HUI3 variables, calculated HUI2 / HUI3 single- and multi-attribute utility scores, are sent via email immediately to the study administrator's computer where a custom programme downloads the information to a datafile, ready for further analysis.

For additional information on our new web-based administration system please contact John Horsman or Bill Furlong at the HUInc Service Centre or call (905) 525-9140 ext 22377 or 22389 between normal business hours 0900 - 1700 Eastern Time (Canada).

To see schematics of both the traditional and new web-based systems click here.

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